How Much Does A Bathtub to Shower Conversion Cost?

People ask us all the time: "How much does a bathtub to shower conversion cost?" Instead of trying to hard sell you, we built this page to allow you to build your own estimate without the hassle of a high pressure sales call. Now you can choose from good, better, best: Independence, Integrity, and Platinum shower packages: ranging roughly from 9k to $16k, professionally installed in 1-2 days. Choose a package that appeals to you & build your own estimate now. If it makes sense, when you finish up your estimate, fill out the form to request a free design consultation, so we can work out the specific details of your bathtub to shower conversion.

A Quality Bathtub to Shower Conversion at Our Most Affordable Price

How much does the Integrity Bathtub to Shower Conversion Cost?

A Quality Bath To Tub Conversion With Exceptional Value

How much does the Platinum Bathtub to Shower Conversion Cost?

Our most luxurious Bath To Tub Conversion overflowing with value

Bathtub to Shower Conversions: The Benefits Far Outweigh The Costs

Our shower enclosures boast only the finest quality materials. Furthermore, our bathroom remodelers provide an extensive range of styles and colors, allowing you to align your new shower enclosure seamlessly with your décor.

Choosing a shower enclosure from The Shower Guys comes with several advantages:

  • Swift Results: Most installations are completed in just one or two days.
  • Cost-Effective: Priced significantly lower than traditional remodels.
  • Durability: High-grade materials ensure resistance to cracks, chips, and staining.
  • Property Value Boost: An economical way to enhance your home's value.
  • Stunning Transformation: Achieve a gorgeous new look and vastly improve your bathroom's décor.