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You love the familiarity and the comfort of your home, but the simple act of bathing has become a source of anxiety and unease. We understand. We have been crafting bathtub to shower conversion solutions that empower individuals to maintain their independence and stay in their homes longer without worry. Now you can build your own estimate, and continue the comfort of being in your own home.

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When designing a beautiful new bath system, it’s the finishing details that often provide the wow-worthy effect you’re going for. Complete your look with custom enclosures that offer that final touch of style and functionality you need. At The Shower Guys, we have a variety of enclosures & curtain rods to help you create a gorgeous shower that provides the comfort and privacy you need while also enhancing the visual appeal of your newly-remodeled bathroom!

At The Shower Guys, we offer a wide selection of beautiful, high-quality enclosures and curtain rods for your bath or shower. Our bath and shower enclosures are available with a variety of glass finish options including clear, obscure, rain, or glue chip—allowing you to create the ideal level of privacy with the décor statement you want. You can also choose between slide or swing enclosures depending on your needs and the architecture of your shower or bath.

We understand that customers want a variety of options when creating the look they want, which is why our shower enclosures and curtain rods come in multiple finishes.